Don't Let Your Copier Give up Your Data

Your office's high-end photocopier probably has a hard-drive used to store copies of documents that are scanned from the glass. Harvesting scanned documents from discarded office copiers (often returned at the end of a lease) yields a treasure-trove of fascinating corporate secrets.Secure your data on your copier

At Service Business Equipment your data security is of the utmost importance to us. With the increasing occurrence of data and identity theft, the world we live in has become a much more dangerous place and we need to protect our information accordingly. Over the last 20 years more and more information is being stored digitally on more and more mediums like, our hard drives, computer memory, flash disks and even the cloud. One place where data is stored that hardly anyone thinks about is your copier. Most people don't even know there is a hard drive in their copier. Usually copiers will use this drive to store scan jobs for later retrieval, copy jobs for future print availability or simply as a cache location to free up the solid state memory in the copy machine. These are all fantastic features that increase productivity and provide tools to make the lives of office workers easier and more efficient. However, there is a downside to this. If you are selling your old copier, returning it to the leasing company or simply recycling it, all of your information will still be contained on the copier hard disk. It is common knowledge that when you delete a file, it is possible to recover it later. Many times this is very useful like in the case of accidentally deleting an important file, other times this is a problem. It is possible to recover data even after a format command from your operating system. Most copiers in copier shops also have hard drives and can be configured to record every photocopy made. The employees or anyone else with access can then read whatever you copied. And at your office, the machines can be set up to record everything you copy--without informing you. Your copies can be OCRed, shipped off to another server where they are examined by search software, and then sent to your supervisor or your company's security department. I'm not aware of any laws against this, and all copier vendors sell software for doing this (except the content analysis, which might come from a third-party supplier).

Service Business Equipment offers secure file deletion and hard drive clearing to the point of being unrecoverable, so you can rest well knowing that no one will be able to recover your data and use it for their own purposes at your expense. Our technicians use a tried and true three stage method for making data theft via recovery completely impossible. First, all your files will be overwritten with a special process that includes random data, zeros and special values developed by renowned security and cryptography expert Peter Gutmann. It is then subjected to a low-level format normally only performed during manufacturing. Lastly the first step is repeated, not in relation to your files but to the disk as a whole. If you have concerns regarding your data security, don't take any chances. Call Service Business Equipment now to find out how we can help. Don't let your copier give your information to criminals, you never know who is going to have access to your copier once it has left your office.

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